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Q: What time should I arrive at camp?
A: Between 2:00 - 3:00 pm. Please do not arrive prior to 2:00 pm, your counsellors are still
preparing the cabins for your arrival.

Q: When should I be picked up at camp?
A: Pick up time is on Saturday, not Sunday. Parents should arrive no later than 12:30 to watch the demonstration ride that starts at 12:30 sharp. You are welcome to arrive early and bring a picnic if you like. Campers will be having lunch at 11:30. They are welcome to join in your picnic.

Q: Are there vising days at Saddlewood?
A: There are no set visiting days. The only visiting day is demonstration/pick up day. If you are staying for more than one session you can be picked up on Saturday if you wish and return on Sunday by 5:00 pm for dinner. Campers are welcome to stay over on changeover weekends, as there will be staff staying the weekend as well.

Q: Can I e-mail my daughter?
A: E-mails to campers are not accepted and campers do not have computer access at Saddlewood. We encourage faxes, letters and care packages. Parents may fax one sheet with the camper's name at the top (no cover page),  to 705-277-9335. Campers are able to write letters home. Outgoing mail is sent daily and campers receive mail and faxes at lunch every day.

Q: I have a food allergy or special dietary needs. Can Saddlewood accommodate this?
A: Saddlewood is able to provide gluten-free, peanut-free, vegetarian and diabetic diets. If you like you may bring your favourite gluten-free or vegetarian foods and we will make them for you in the camp kitchen. Please contact us before your camp session to make us aware of your special dietary needs.

Q: Are there laundry facilities at Saddlewood?
A: Saddlewood has two washers & dryers for camper and staff use. We encourage you to bring enough clothing for 2 weeks and do laundry on the changeover weekend if you are staying for more than one session.

Q: Are campers able to phone home?
A: No. Saddlewood will call any parents if the need arises.

Q: What should I bring to camp?
A: Please see the attached clothing list - you can print this and bring a copy in your
bag so you know what you brought when you're packing up at the end of your
stay. Please remember that NO CELL PHONES, IPADS, or LAPTOPS are allowed at
Saddlewood. You may bring your Ipod or other music players/ CDs.

Q: Can I bring snacks to camp?
A: Yes! As long as they are nut free. You will also get to go to the Saddlewood tuck shop
on Tuesday and Thursday. Tuck money can be given to your counsellor for safekeeping, and any unspent tuck money will be returned to you before you go home at the end of the session. $10 per week is more than enough.

Q: How many riders will be in my riding group?
A: There will be 5-6 riders per group

Q: How are the riding groups divided?
A: You will ride for a short assessment ride after you arrive at camp. After watching
everyone ride we create groups based on ability, size, age etc. You will be in a riding
group with other riders who ride like you.

Q: Can I request a horse or pony that I think I would like to try?
A: Absolutely! You will have the opportunity to make a request at the riding assessment. Please remember, you will be assigned the horse or pony that best suits your riding ability and size!

Q: Are riding vests required?
A: We recommend if you have a protective vest that you bring it to camp and wear it
every time you ride. If you do not have a vest we have a set of Saddlewood vests that you may use when you are riding on trails or cross-country.

Q: Can I bring my own horse to camp?
A: Yes, Please contact us prior to the start of camp if you intend to bring a horse to
camp so that we can make appropriate arrangements for your horse to stay with us at

Q: Can I bring treats for my horse?
A: Of course! Saddlewood horses and ponies love all horse treats, carrots and mints. We do provide treats for your horse so don't feel like you have to bring pony snacks with you.

Q: Should I bring my own brushes, saddlepad or saddle to camp?
A: Each Saddlewood horse or pony has their own brushes and tack assigned, so you don't need to bring your own. If you would like to, please make sure they are labelled well so you can keep track of them while at camp.

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